7 June 2024: Here is our Newsletter No 5 with some housekeeping information. Read it Here. Transport Requirement Form and Medical Form.

30 May 2024: Here is our Newsletter no 4 with transport information. Read it Here. Transport Requirement Form.

22 May 2024: Our Newsletter no 3 has arrived. Read it here.

2 May 2024: Our Newsletter No 2 is ready!

Read about the progress of our WS 24 coming-together Here.

26 March 2024: Our very own Newsletter No1 is available now!
Read updates about transport, musicians’ workshop and more on our first newsletter. To read the newsletter click Here.

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25 February 2024: Are you teaching, or interested in teaching Scottish country dancing?

5pm 5 July – 1pm 7 July 2024 at Gatton
Accommodation – University of Queensland – University Hall
Classes at the Forest Hill School of Arts

Join the weekend for Continuing Teacher Development led by Jeanette Watson

Come for some expert instruction on the teaching of Scottish Country Dancing prior to the Queensland Winter School: a great opportunity to refine your skills including working with musicians

Click here for more information

12 December 2023: Are you interested in taking part in a musicians’ workshop?

Thank you to all of you who have already registered to attend our winter school next year. We’re sure it’s going to be great.

For the musicians amongst us, you’ll be excited to know that we also plan to hold a musicians’ workshop (led by Ian Muir) in conjunction with the winter dancing school. There will be no extra cost for the workshop if you are enrolled for the Winter School.

For more information and registration form click here.