Classes will be held each day from 9.00 until 12.00 with a 15 minute break for morning tea. Classes will take place in nearby Gatton, Laidley and Forest Hill (maximum 11 km from campus).

Morning classes are compulsory (illness or injury excepted) unless you have enrolled in the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ category. This ensures that there are enough people to make up the sets needed for each class.

All classes will challenge you to improve. Please consult your regular teacher if unsure which class is best for you.

We will endeavour to place you in your preferred class but reserve the right to change your class if required.

Class description

For emerging dancers with some experience of steps and formations, who would like to improve their technique, focusing on footwork, use of hands, phrasing and formations.
For dancers with a sound knowledge of most RSCDS formations, and who dance with good phrasing and footwork. An energetic high impact class.
Very Advanced
For dancers with an excellent knowledge of RSCDS formations, and who dance to a high standard, with very good phrasing and footwork. A very energetic high impact class.
Advanced, Low Impact
For competent dancers who can perform most formations to a high standard with good phrasing, but with less focus on footwork and fitness.
Low Impact
For dancers with a good knowledge of most formations. A gentle-on-the-joints style of class, with a reduced focus on footwork and fitness.
Rest and Be Thankful
Morning classes are no longer for you, but you are keen to participate in other social activities
If you’re still unsure about which class is right for you, click here for more detail on the level of expertise that you should have for each particular class.


We’ll have six nights of dancing including our Grand Ball on Saturday 13 July 2024. You’ll find the programmes and minicribs closer to the time of the school.